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Meng Lee — Saint Paul, Minnesota

Kissing cousins is as old as the hills, Jerry Lee played piano for his cousin and eventually married her familiar face. Meng Lee likes his cousin and kisses on Yuna when ever he can, they’re just keeping things in the family, which seems to be a rather hot, if not taboo, subject in the latest…

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Nichol Madewell — Kingman, Arizona

When Cody first got with Nichol Madewell, he came so quick that she thought he had a squirtgun or something, he shot her right in the eye. That will make a friendly b***h get rude, faster than Cody can reload his little pop gun. But she was h***y and didn’t want to have to rub…

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Jori Spohr — Edina, Minnesota

Selling a house is best job for Jori Spohr. She f***s married men when she shows the home if the men wife are not with them, then she takes over and has s*x with all of them. This get her sales fast and easy. All she had to do was strip and beg a little…

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Renne Hom — San Jose, California

Scott Brightenstein caught an STD from Renne Hom then she infected Andre Jae Canepa with this evil virus. Andre says he got it from her nasty p***y of, Renne. One of them is lying or has slept with someone nastier than themself, because you can’t get that stuff from thinking about cheating. Renne Hom does…

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Kristy Blurton — Houston, Texas

Attorney and cheater, Kristy Blurton has been double dipping for years. Her secret lover gets more backseat action from her ‘baldy’ than his wife does, she thinks she’s working late doing paper work at the law firm. She’s working late, grading her bimbo on her curves and the way she works really hard to get…

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Nichole Brownlee — Raleigh, North Carolina

Nichole Brownlee is a w***e and one and the same nasty girl. She f***s for money to buy drugs and drinks and more drugs. There’s never enough left over to get shots from a free clinic because she can’t take the time to get her infected a*s over there, she’s always chasing her buzz and…

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