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Greg Mielcarz — California

After dating Greg for almost two years I learned that he has at least 3 ex-wives and has cheated on all of them and cheated on me as well. He has multiple DUls and has filed bankruptcy and owes me $6000.00 for a car loan that he bullied me in to co-signing and stopped paying…

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Karli Hanna — Maryland

Karli Hanna (nurse in Washington D.C.) cheated on her husband after a couple of months. Don’t know all the information because she lies about it but beware because she seems nice and bubbly but she’s heartless and tries to pretend it never happened and the separation was ammicable.

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Cassie Roote — Toronto, Canada

This one is absolutely manipulative, abusive & uses men..she loves to treat her own baby daddy like s**t on a regular basis.. she even attempted to stab him! ..She is a complete sociopath! And she actually believes the lies that spew out of her nasty trap! She constantly pawns her child off regularly, yet claims…

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