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Laurel Stanislas — Springfield, Massachusetts

If your boyfriend lying about his extra friendly “friend” isn’t bad enough, she’ll also lie for him while she’s laying with him! Some s***k looking for attention and she doesn’t care who it’s from. If she’s friends with your man ladies you need to do some investigating…😒 she thinks she a goddess and claims to…

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Alexia Cunha — Brampton, Canada

This chick thinks she’s hot s**t, but she ain’t nothing but a w***e who uses and abuses men. She f***s and sucks her way through life and will try to take down anyone that gets in her way. She’s nothing but a desperate, pathetic waste of a human life. Women watch your husbands around her,…

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Olivia Quinn — Hollywood, California

She has come to Los Angeles to lay on her back to try and make it in this city big time. Not much talent in anything else and tries to justify her s*x work as being legitimate and tells all her friends she makes her money from modeling. Ladies make sure your men stay away…

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Dave Solazzo — Albany, New York

Beware, ladies! he’s fat and nasty, he constantly bothers other escorts looking to buy s*x and he wants to eat my infected pie. He did amateur p**n movies under the name Vince Peterson. This man will lie and tell you what he thinks you want to hear and then refuse to pay you after you…

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Kelsey Kae Dooley — Laramie, Wyoming

Kelsey Kae Dooley is her name. (Her maiden name is Honeyman). She had someone else’s child after being together for seven years. She rides around or hitchhikes around all over Wyoming and Colorado doing meth and pills and s******g men for drugs. She lies. She is a snitch. She is a fraud. She cheated on…

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